Who is Local Link?
Local Link provides safe secure and reliable Public Transport services in local and rural areas of Ireland.  There are 17 Local Link offices. See Location Map for contact details of your nearest Local Link or Rural Transport Group.
How can I contact my Local Link?
See Location Map for all Local Link locations and contact details
Will my Free Travel Pass be accepted on Local Link?
Yes – Free Travel Passes are accepted on all Local Link Services
Will existing services continue?
Yes. Existing services will continue subject to the continued availability of funding at current levels.
Will the door-to-door services continue?
Yes, demand responsive and flexible services which operate door-to-door or close to a residence will continue to be provided as part of rural transport services.
Will passenger assistants continue to be provided and will drivers assist passengers with their shopping etc.?
  • Yes, the provision of passenger assistance will remain a core element of demand responsive and flexible rural transport services.
  • A core function of the Local Link will be to foster volunteerism in the provision of transport within their area. This includes building a panel of vetted participants in community car, car-sharing, volunteer driving and passenger assistance.
“I’m very happy with my bus service. I get to do the post, do a bit of shopping, have lunch with my brother and his wife in town and visit some old friends who can’t get out very much. I love the fun on the bus and the stories that I hear from the other passengers. You’ll always hear something going on that you didn’t know about. The drivers are very friendly and always helpful” –  Theresa.